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                    Learn more about WESCO Lighting’s new approach and let’s break the mold together.

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                    H-E-B is a pioneer in sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices.

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                    Light can do so much more than brighten our path. It can lighten our impact on the environment. Make our streets more secure. Or boost the comfort and productivity of any indoor space. Discover how GE Current, a Daintree company can help build smarter, more sustainable solutions for the future. At Current, we’re more than lighting.

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                    Analyzing data to save energy and costs

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                    To meet the demand for forward-thinking solutions in the lighting industry, WESCO has formed WESCO Lighting. This new entity combines Aelux, SLS Energy Solutions and WESCO’s traditional lighting distribution channel. Along with turnkey LED lighting capabilities, the company also offers expanded services under the WESCO Energy Solutions (WES) brand, including electric vehicle charging stations, solar panels and smart metering. In short, it’s an advanced portfolio of energy-efficient services and solutions – all backed by WESCO’s reliability and nearly 100 years of experience.


                    Energy Savings Is Only One Benefit of Lighting Controls

                    Advanced lighting controls, also known as networked lighting controls, are becoming increasingly important in the energy efficiency world.

                    8 Reasons to Invest in a Lighting Retrofit Upgrade

                    Gone are the days of high utility bills and frequently required lighting maintenance. As technology has improved and LED lighting has become more affordable, there’s no need to waste time and money on the lighting of the past.

                    Rebates Provide Upfront Savings on LED Lighting Projects

                    You’ve probably already heard many of the benefits of upgrading your lighting to LED: lower monthly costs, reduced energy consumption, and moving towards green building.

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